Frequently Asked Questions

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When 🍕?

Get me pizza is built out of a personal need to allow my followers to support me with small amounts of crypto in a more meaningful way than just asking to gib moneys. Then I thought... Hey, maybe artists, influencers, and other creators could use this too.

Why 🍕?

Short answer: Who doesn't like Pizza? Without pizza, we would have no Bitcoins...

Longer answer: I thought it would be fun to allow supporters to tip in pizza slice value instead of dollars and mint the supporter a $PIZZA coupons that shows their support for the creator. I want to expand the idea into token-gating posts and content, creating an economy around $PIZZA coupons, and allow web3 creators to un-tap their full value creation.

How do I get paid in 🍕?

Every time a supporter tips you a $1 slice they get 1 $PIZZA coupon proving their support and the crypto goes into a smart contract mapped to your ETH address. You can withdraw these funds anytime from your dashboard or directly from the smart contract. You don't actually get pizza, but you could buy yourself one, or anything else, once you withdraw your funds.

How can my fans pay?

Currently support is available to a wide range of blockchains namely: BSC, POLYGON & FANTOM... more coming soon.

Is there a fee?

It is completely free to sign up and create posts. The smart contract takes 5% on every tip to pay for development and servers.

What are 🍕 points?

🍕 points are blockchain tokens that supporters receive when tipping a creator. They are cross-chain and can be swapped between chains on multichain app.🍕 points will be used on future features such as buying digital items from creators and

What is this profile pic most people have?

Instead of giving everyone a blank blue egg or some such nonsense, we thought it would be fun to generate a random profile picture for you, using (micah) API, seeded with your user UID we generate when you sign up.

Is it safe to connect a wallet to this site?

GetMe.Pizza uses the latest Moralis v2 SDK, Firebase, and Open Zeppelin smart contract libraries to ensure everything is safe and secure.

What about my data?

This website doesn't track ad data or serve ads and tips are clearly visible on the blockchain. Your posts are stored in secure Firebase storage which can be retrieved on request.

Hows this site different?

GetMe.Pizza is focused on web3 and can innovate faster than the web2 competitors as well as build tools that directly unlock web3 creators specific value and solve some of web3 pain points.

Who's running this?

Just me at the moment, @elonsdev. Wanna help out or fork the project? Get hold of me on Twitter or grab the code on GitHub.