We can all use a slice of 🍕 sometimes...

It all started with the pizza, so get tipped the crypto way... with pizza of course.

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Give your followers a way to say wagmi.

GetMe.Pizza makes supporting pretty awesome. With just a click, your followers can tip you enough crypto to get yourself a 🍕 slice! They can leave a message and not even have to create an account.

Membership tools, tip-gating posts, and ways to sell your digital items easily are coming soon...

Made for web3 creators

Set up your account and allow your fans to support you.

You can withdraw your crypto tips anytime you want, while your supporter will get 🍕 coupons as a memento and to use on future features.

Tips and memos are transparent and securely stored on-chain in our smart contracts.

*It's free and takes only a minute.